Sharing Values

This week I conducted my 41st law firm training this year. I am deeply privileged to do work I love for clients I respect deeply. Neal Gerber Eisenberg has been a client of mine for over 20 years. In addition to conducting numerous trainings for them, I have also placed their head of Marketing, head of … Continued

Ride for the Living

On the way to Poland to participate in the Ride for the Living, we stopped in Girona, Spain.   Girona is a medieval town and once the home to thousands of Jews. They first arrived as refugees when the Romans expelled them from Israel in the year 890.    From our tour, which was actually a … Continued

Making the Most of Networking Events

Happy June! I am excited about all the in-person networking events that are happening! In the past two weeks, I was invited to and went out of my way to attend an LMA event in Philly, a summer associate welcome party, a Women Attorney and Client country club outing, and a NALP Board cocktail reception. Why … Continued

Success Habits for Summer Associates

It’s a busy week! Law firm summer programs start across the country.    I am delivering five trainings this week to these newly arrived summers at White & Case, Dechert, Fox Rothschild, Mayer Brown and Linklaters.   What am I most excited to share with them?  Having studied lawyers’ careers for over 30 years, I have found … Continued

Do Your Attorneys Need Interviewer Training?

May is now the beginning of recruiting season for many law firms across the country. With many firms opting out of traditional on-campus recruiting for direct applications from law students, your lawyers have to be prepared to conduct both initial interviews and call-backs much earlier than in past years. I have presented Interviewer Training for … Continued

Hiring and Developing Engaged Associates

Over the past few weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed presenting to partners in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago and New York. They have been very receptive to the Strategies for Investing in and Engaging Associates program I shared with them.   Many firms have been struggling with associate engagement, and this training offers practical takeaways, such as a … Continued

Training Your Attorneys to Interview Effectively

I have conducted interviewer training for 98 law firms nationwide.    I believe that training your attorneys to interview effectively is more important today than ever!  Why?  Because there are traits, such self-motivation, desire to work hard and be of service that are vital to being a great contributor in our new work world. Back … Continued

Why Is Decluttering So Hard, Yet So Important?

I have spent the past five weekends purging twenty-one years of stuff to prepare our Westchester home for sale this spring.   The decision to sell stems from the fact that our three kids, who were one, two and eight when we moved from the city to suburbia, are all grown and living on their own. … Continued

Hiring the Right Talent

A great resume does not predict great performance. Many of your firms will begin recruiting law students early this year, and some are still adding lateral associates, but are your attorneys conducting impactful interviews by being prepared, purposeful, and present?  I have trained attorneys at 89 law firms on how to interview. Here’s the 7-step … Continued

Living Your Values in 2024

Our values are critical to creating the life we really want. They act as an internal compass, guiding our decisions and helping us focus on our priorities. When envisioning your life in 2024, I encourage you to identify your top values, and think about how you can align your daily actions to live your values.   Below are some … Continued