How Well Do Your Work Values Fit Your Firm Culture?

The reason why the majority of professionals are looking for a new role after changing jobs during COVID is because of a culture misfit. That is what we found in recent LinkedIn poll. I wasn’t surprised that 53% of respondents reported looking for a new job again after joining their current firm having only met … Continued

How to Help Your Team Members Thrive During Stressful Times

I’m worried about business services professionals in law firms. Every day this week I’ve gotten calls from law firms across the country asking if we could take on their search for a recruiting manager or coordinator. They are understaffed and summer associates arrive in a few short weeks. This talent shortage is prevalent throughout all business … Continued

Why Belonging Is Vital to Our Well-Being

I attended my 29th NALP conference in New Orleans last week. There were many great sessions, but there was something I left feeling that was the best part—a sense of belonging! After two-plus years of dealing with the pandemic, and very few in-person events, being with professionals I share a purpose and history with was truly … Continued

Are Your Summer Associates Prepared for Success?

There’s a conversation I’ve been having with heads of recruitment and PD and with law firm coaches. What they’ve been sharing with me is that many of the junior associates they hired during the pandemic are really struggling with being proactive, asking for work as well as feedback. Although these are issues that have come … Continued

Celebrating 26 Years!

This week marks 26 years since I founded Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc. I am proud of the business I have built and deeply grateful for the clients who have entrusted us with their careers and talent needs all these years. When I started the business, my marketing consisted of coming up with a tag line, … Continued

Thoughts From a Refugee

These last few days have been hard. As a refugee whose family was thrown out of a Soviet-backed country, I feel deeply for the Ukrainian people. This month is 53 years since I arrived in the U.S. with my parents and younger brother. Because my father was Jewish, we were thrown out of Poland along … Continued

Can We Talk About That Unhelpful Voice in Our Heads?

You see, that voice in our heads can be very tricky because it often sounds like a friend who’s just trying to protect us. Have you ever noticed that when you are about to take on a new challenge, be it a job search or major project at work, your critical inner voice speaks up … Continued

Why Is It So Hard to Find New Talent?

I’ve been having conversations every day with firms looking to hire marketing, recruiting, and PD professionals, as well as with candidates interested in new job opportunities. I want to share what I’ve seen and heard to shed light on what is really happening. From my vantage point, this is not about the great resignation. I’ve … Continued

Where You Focus Affects Your Well-Being

The results of my recent LinkedIn poll are in! You voted that you spend 46% of your time each day living in the present. This number is very close to research statistics that I quote in my Well-being webinars that found we only spend 47% of our day living in the present. How does where you spend your … Continued

Focus On What You DO Have Control Over

What do you have control over as we enter 2022? Yes, there’s a lot we can’t control, and the pandemic is still causing massive uncertainty in all aspects of our lives, BUT there are things we do have control over. What if you focused on these things? There are two areas of your life I … Continued