Training Your Attorneys to Interview Effectively

I have conducted interviewer training for 98 law firms nationwide.    I believe that training your attorneys to interview effectively is more important today than ever!  Why?  Because there are traits, such self-motivation, desire to work hard and be of service that are vital to being a great contributor in our new work world. Back … Continued

Engaging Associates in the New Workplace

January was busy with presentations to law firm partners on the best practices for engaging associates in a hybrid workplace. I created this program in response to the frustration I’ve been hearing about associates not being responsive, lacking ownership over projects, and failing to communicate.        The goal of the training is to provide partners with … Continued

Jake Wisnik’s return to Poland

Our youngest son Jake left for Poland on September 2nd to work as a JDC Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps Fellow.  His yearlong assignment will be to work at the JCC in Krakow, where he will help to support Jewish life revival, care for Holocaust survivors, and feed hundreds of Ukrainian refugees daily. Jake first … Continued

4 Tips & Practices for Well-being Week

For Well-being Week in Law, I want to share four well-being tips from our Make TIme for Well-being training program.  To maintain our well-being, we must make time for self-care every day. Please take a moment each day to ask yourself: “What will I do to fill my tank and show care for myself today?” … Continued

Why Vulnerability Is a Superpower

Today I’m giving a talk on Why Vulnerability Is a Superpower at this year’s #EmpoweredWomen event in Chicago. Although I’ve presented hundreds of times, this talk is hard. Sharing my personal story feels very vulnerable! My main messages include: Why we need to train ourselves to associate vulnerability with opportunity How often our biggest obstacles to success … Continued

My HIAS Fundraiser for Afghan Refugees

DONATE HERE! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I still remember my first Thanksgiving in the U.S. clearly: I was in first grade and my family had arrived 8 months earlier as refugees, thrown out of Poland for being Jewish.   That November, I came home from school and announced that now that we lived in America, … Continued

Advice for New Legal Professionals

This past week I presented to over 300 summer associates at law firms across the country. One of the participants asked a great question: “How can I have a successful and fulfilling career in Big Law?” Having studied attorneys’ careers for the past 30+ years and written a book on the topic, Your Fairy Job … Continued