5 Insights on Our 25th Anniversary!

Today marks 25 years since I launched Wisnik Career Enterprises. I left a secure job as the Director of Recruiting and Training at one of the country’s top law firms because I saw a market and needs I could serve. I was 33 years old, my husband had just launched his own legal practice, and … Continued

Please Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did!

This week marks one year since we went into lockdown. I still remember March 13, my last day in the office, well. We packed up a few files to bring home and assumed we would be back in just a few weeks. March 2020 felt like the longest month. I was very grateful to have … Continued

What’s REALLY Safe?

These are strange times we are living in. For the first time ever, my law firm recruiter friends can take a two week vacation in August. “Back to school” means kids might only be in a classroom two days a week. For me, an “oddity” that I am witnessing is having really good roles to … Continued

Two Suggestions for Managing Your Mental Well-Being

It’s August and the uncertainty the pandemic has caused still remains five months later. I have been thinking a lot about the emotional toll COVID has reaped. As I speak to clients, I hear fatigue and a low-grade depression. In the same sentence where they acknowledge how lucky they are to have a job and … Continued

2020 Wellness Summit

Last week I attended Momentum Events’ inaugural Employee Wellness Summit for Law Firms and Professional Services in Fort Lauderdale. This is a topic I am deeply passionate about. It was a truly fabulous event packed with more than 20 experts who shared their insights on creating effective well-being programs for legal professionals. I walked away … Continued

Take Courageous Action!

I have been reflecting a lot on the state of our current divisive political climate and anti-immigrant sentiment, and the whole situation makes me feel sad. As someone who came to this country as a refugee and who has had the opportunity to build a truly magnificent life, my normal state is deep gratitude. I … Continued

Insights From the 2020 Marketing Partner Forum

Last week I attended Thomson Reuters Legal Education Institute’s Marketing Partner Forum in Florida. Spending three days away from the office is a big investment of time, but I am happy to report that attending this conference proved to have great ROI! I learned a ton and was surrounded by inspiring law firm marketers, committed … Continued

End of Year Gratitude

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong! This is one of the last concepts I learned during my immersive year studying with Tony Robbins. It sounded good, but two years ago I really didn’t understand how it was possible. Since then, I have been starting to get a glimpse of how to experience … Continued

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I still remember my first Thanksgiving 50 years ago. We had arrived from Poland a few months earlier that year. One day in November I came home from first grade very excited; I told my mother we needed to buy a turkey. She didn’t know what a turkey was because … Continued

Are You Managing Others’ Expectations?

We often throw around the term “manage expectations” at work, but what does it really mean, and why is it so important? In the placement work we do, we pride ourselves on managing the candidate’s and firm’s expectations by communicating job responsibilities and salary requirements and even the intangibles such as culture. Our goal is … Continued